Go High Level Extension For Gravity Forms

Streamline Lead Management with Ease with Go High Level Plugin

Are you tired of manually entering form submissions into your CRM? Say goodbye to tedious data entry and hello to the Go High Level extension for gravity forms!

Maximize your sales potential with the Go High Level extension for gravity forms. Install it today and experience the benefits of effortless lead management!

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Our Distinctive Features

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Streamlined Lead Management
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Multiple Sub-Accounts Creation

Why Choose Go High Level Gravity Form Plugin?

This powerful plugin seamlessly integrates your gravity form data with Go High Level CRM through API, streamlining lead generation and sales management. With the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can engage with prospects more effectively and close deals faster.

How Can We Help Businesses Like Yours

  • Increased efficiency in managing leads
  • Send leads to different businesses with one form
  • Improved sales conversion rates
  • Greater customization is possible
  • Incorporate global tags
  • Assign unique tags to particular form
  • Set up separate API keys


The Go High Level extension for gravity forms is a tool that allows users to transfer form data directly to their Go High Level CRM account. It helps streamline the lead management process and enables users to follow up with potential customers more efficiently.
Yes, you can use the extension with multiple accounts by creating sub-accounts in Go High Level CRM and generating unique API keys for each account. You can then connect each Gravity Form to its corresponding sub-account using the API key.
Users can transfer basic data like Name, Email, and Phone number fields to Go High Level CRM using the extension. Additional data fields can also be added using the Advanced Fields feature in Gravity Forms.
Yes, the extension allows users to manage multiple projects at once by enabling them to use different API keys and sub-accounts for each project. This can help increase efficiency and streamline lead management across different businesses or projects.